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Compound Seasoning Powder--Curry Flavour

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Compound Seasoning Powder--Curry Flavour

  • MOQ: 10000 kg
  • Supply Capability: 20000 kg / day
  • Port: Shanghai
  • Delivery: 30 days
  • Packaging: bag, can, box, bottle or bulk


Compound seasoning powder is a kind of international popular condiment widely used in home cooking, hotel catering, food production and so on.

We are a processional manufacturer in compound seasoning powder. 

We have excellent quality, automation equipment, strict detection, adequate capacity, comprehensive services.


Flavours: chicken, beef, shrimp, fish, curry, quail, standard, classic, pondu, vegetable, onion, tomato, mutton, garlic, ginger, pepper, coconut, chilli, mushroom, stew, fried rice, mixed flavours, etc.


Packing specifications:

10g/bag, 60 bags/carton, 6.00kg net weight /carton, 1750ctns/20’ container 

10g/long strip bag, 50 long strip bags/bag, 25 bags/carton, 12.50kg net weight /carton, 940ctns/20’ container 

17g/bag, 42 bags/box, 12 boxes/carton, 8.568kg net weight /carton, 1300ctns/20’ container 

17g/bag, 42 bags/box, 8 boxes/carton, 5.712kg net weight /carton, 1930ctns/20’ container 

10g/bag, 360 bags/carton, 3.60kg net weight /carton, 6000ctns/20’ container 

50g/bag x 100 bags/carton, 5.00 net weight/carton, 3800ctns/20’ container


We can offer OEM processing and manufacturing as your demands and on behalf of you for package design.